CBD For Seasonal Allergies

CBD For Seasonal Allergies
CBD For Seasonal Allergies
CBD For Seasonal Allergies
CBD For Seasonal Allergies

Not everyone knows how severe and common seasonal allergies are. Did you know that it affects more than 50 million Americans every year? We have over the counter medicines to treat these allergies- but they come with a cost. Side effects are inevitable with these medicines. So, it is time you try CBD for seasonal allergies.

What Are The Symptoms Of Seasonal Allergies?

Allergies happen when the immune system encounters an unfamiliar substance and labels it hazardous to the body. This releases a hormone called histamine that will cause the symptoms of allergy which include

  • Watering eyes
  • Sneezing, coughing and other throat issues
  • Itchiness
  • Abdominal pain
  • Breathing issues

Can CBD Help With Seasonal Allergies?

Some say CBD is an all-rounder. Using CBD to treat seasonal allergies makes sense because of how its properties help with similar conditions. The fact that it triggers reactions from the endocannabinoid system show how essential it is and its scope to treat seasonal allergies.

CBD has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

As said before, the reaction of your body towards the allergen might be exaggerated and will cause the above-mentioned symptoms which will disrupt daily life activities and cause discomfort.

CBD and terpenes are proven by scientists to have anti-inflammatory properties which will help regulate the symptoms.

CBD Balances The Immune System

You become allergic to something when the immune system thinks it is a threat and reacts to it. It takes over months for an allergy to develop. If you have a healthier immune system the chances of it overreacting are less.

CBD causes the endocannabinoid system to become better and thereby, boosts the efficiency and working of the immune system.

CBD Has Anti-Microbial Properties

When you are suffering from an allergy, your immune system is so busy handling the allergen that it becomes less efficient and hence, is easily attacked by microbes.

As CBD has anti-microbial properties you do not have to worry about developing infections.

Creates A Soothing Effect

CBD creates a calming effect and is known for how it can soothe anxiety and help with depression. It helps you keep your head straight and live through difficult times.

What Are The Forms Of CBD To Take For Allergies?

Edibles- There are plenty of tasty CBD edibles in the market. However, as these are absorbed late, they will take time to act.

Oil- This the most versatile and productive way of having CBD. Quick action is obtained when you have it sublingually.

Topicals- These are best for rashes and itchiness created during an allergy. You can apply it to the area where you experience discomfort.

Vapes- Vaping is another quick and easy way to take CBD for seasonal allergies.