How Is CBD Oil Useful For Treating Vestibular Migraine?

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CBD Oil For Vestibular Migraine
CBD Oil For Vestibular Migraine

Since the medical benefits of cannabidiol are gradually being proven by various researches and clinical studies, its adaptation among the general population is increasing. They use it to alleviate conditions like pain, inflammation, headaches, nausea, stimulate appetite and various other common health issues. CBD oil has been found to be effective in the management and to reduce the frequency of vestibular migraine due to its therapeutic and medical effects. So, if you were searching to know how CBD oil for vestibular migraine works, read on to know more.

What Is Vestibular Migraine?

It is called vestibular migraine because it is accompanied by vestibular i.e. inner ear syndrome symptoms like loss of balance, dizziness etc. This can be before or after the incidence of the migraine and the triggers are similar to that of vestibular dysfunction issues like food, environmental triggers, hormonal fluctuation etc. Weather conditions such as change in pressure or temperature can also cause it. The other symptom that is common to all types of migraine is vertigo and it is the same here as well.

Treatment For Vestibular Migraine

There are no pathologically diagnosable causes for vestibular as well as other types of migraines and hence no permanent cure. The focus of all treatment is to avoid the triggers and reduce the severity of attacks. CBD oil is especially useful due to its multiple benefits like analgesic, nausea reducing, stress reducing and calm inducing effects.

CBD Oil For Vestibular migraine

CBD oil is useful for vestibular migraine as well as other variants of migraines because it can help in managing the common symptoms associated with them. It can reduce nausea and vomiting due to its effect on the immune system response as well as by reducing the stress hormone cortisol. Due to its stress reducing and calming effect, consuming CBD oil reduces the incidence of migraine attacks from its triggers.

The other reason for the use of CBD for migraines and vestibular migraines is because it is effective in treating nauseas and other outward symptoms associated with motion sickness. It is caused due to vestibular or inner ear problems and CBD oil is useful when consumed before the attack or when used in conjunction with the medications. The same holds good in the case of vestibular migraines as well and clinical studies have shown it to reduce the frequency of its occurrence.


It is relatively safe as it has no side effects and does not cause any psychotropic effect. Moreover, using CBD oil for vestibular migraine calms you and thereby helps you to manage the situation better.

CBD for vestibular migraine looks promising, and more research is required in this direction for enough conclusive evidences so that it can be made part of regular treatment protocol.