Using CBD For Different Types Of Headaches

CBD Headache Products
CBD Headache Products
CBD Headache Products
CBD Headache Products

There are so many different types of headache and they are caused due to different reasons. Some headaches are short living and it can be triggered due to temperature variations in the atmosphere, stress, etc. However some headaches are caused due to inflammation and neuropathic disorders. This type of headaches are chronic and may last for a lifetime. As we all know, CBD is considered as a perfect cure for headaches. For this reason, there are so many CBD headache products available in the market. However, it has now become mandatory to check whether CBD is effective with different types of headaches such as follows.


 It is a type of primary headache, that is, this is not a type of headache caused by other conditions. If a person is having migraine, he or she will experience an intense pain on one side of the head. It is also commonly seen that people suffering from this diseases will be highly sensitive to light and some smells. It is basically a neurological disorder and it is triggered by interruption in sleep, stress, hormonal changes etc. Sometimes skipping meals can also lead to migraine. Since it is an incurable condition there are many medicines available to manage the pain caused by migraine. Since CBD is effective in nervous protection and repairing, it can also be used to control migraine.

Tension Headache

As the name suggest, it is a type of headache triggered by intense stress and tension. If a person is suffering from tension headaches, he or she will experience a pain on both the sides of the head. Some other symptoms of this condition are tiredness and pain over neck and shoulder, pain over the eyes, and sensitivity to bright lights. This type of headache will last for a minimum of 30 minutes and can extend to several hours. This headache is caused mainly due to dehydration, lack of sleep and exercise, bad posture, etc. There are no medicines for this condition but some people usually take some pain killers to ease the pain. However, it would be good to have CBD because it will help in better relaxation and it can give faster relief from this condition.

Cluster Headache

It is one of the most severe headaches that is likely to occur in both men and women who are working in IT sector. This form of headache will cause pain behind the head and will cause a burning sensation behind the eyes of the person. Some other symptoms of this disease watering eye, swollen eyelids, runny nose, etc. It can also make the person restless and sensitive to lights. As mentioned above, it is mainly caused in people working in IT sector due to the blue light emitted from computer screen. However, it is also seen in people with a habit of intense smoking. It is necessary to understand that this headache is caused due to some personal habits and CBD can do nothing to manage this condition. In short, CBD is ineffective in treating cluster headaches.

Exertional Headache

It is a type of headache found mainly in people suffering from migraine or in those people whose parents are having migraine. Exertional headache will cause a pain all over the head and it is mainly triggered by some physical activities like jumping, running, weight lifting etc. Even sexual intercourse can trigger this form of headache. Exertional headaches normally last for only a few minutes and in some cases, it may last for about 2 days. This condition is caused due to inflammation. Since CBD is an anti inflammatory medicine, it can be effectively used to treat this condition. However, if a person is experiencing exertional headache, it would be ideal to consult a doctor because if it is left untreated, it can lead to migraine.

Hypnic Headache

It is a rare condition found in people who are above the age of 50. Hypnic headache is commonly known as alarm clock headache because it usually triggers during sleep. A person suffering from this condition will experience a pain on both the sides of the head and it can last for a minimum of 3 days. This condition can also make a person sensitive to light and loud noise. The reasons for this condition is still unknown but it is certain that usage of caffeine can manage this disease. Therefore, it is better to use CBD coffee if a person is suffering from hypnic headache. However, it is mandatory to consult a doctor because this type of pain can also cause due to migraine and cluster headache.

The above mentioned are some of the different types of headaches and we can conclude that CBD is effective in treating most of these.