For How Long Does CBD Remain In My Body?

CBD Effects
CBD Effects
CBD Effects
CBD Effects

Although CBD has become a household name after the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, CBD and hemp is still a gray area at large. The reason for this is that even though deemed legal by federal law, the manufacturing and safety regulations are yet to be enacted; plus states have their say on the matter. Most employers make it compulsory to take a drug test when starting new or just on a regular basis for the sake of ‘company policies’. But for those who are taking CBD for getting relief from ailments will be harrowed if they get in trouble. We are here to answer a very specific question in the best way possible: How long does the CBD actually stay in my body?

No One-Size Fits All

Understand that CBD works on different people differently. CBD takes a couple of minutes to get to work, depending on the method of consumption and the dosage. Generally CBD leaves the body in 3-4 days.

There are many factors that determine the time CBD actually stays in your body. This depends on the dosage you’ve taken, the rate of metabolism of your body, and the CBD potency of the CBD product that you have consumed.

People have the wrong belief that, once the CBD effects wear off the cannabinoids must have left their bodies entirely. This is utterly wrong! There are traces of various cannabinoids and CBD which will persist in your system; as the days pass the quantity dwindles to non-existent.

How Long Is It Detectable?

The Method Of Administering And Dosage

The method of vaping involves CBD entering your bloodstream via the capillaries in your lungs. It works fast and is eliminated from the body faster. The method of sublingual and oral administering of CBD takes much longer to get to work after it bypasses the liver and the digestive tract. It takes longer for it to be absorbed and hence takes longer to leave. CBD topicals take much longer to get to work and are not readily detectable in most of the drug tests. As for the dosage and potency, higher the dosage and potency, longer it takes to get removed from the body.

Bodyweight And Lifestyle

CBD use causes its accumulation in trace amounts in fat cells and lipids, meaning if you are unfit, or have a higher body fat percentage, the longer the CBD stays in your body. Further, if the metabolism rate of your liver and the kidneys are faster, quicker the CBD is broken down and passed out of your body.