CBD Products: What Lies Behind The Price Tag?

How Much Does CBD Cost
How Much Does CBD Cost
How Much Does CBD Cost
How Much Does CBD Cost

For someone who has been flooded by CBD and the hemp-derived extract from everywhere, right from websites to billboards, the obvious question that comes to mind is – Ok, so how much does CBD cost? Why are some CBD oils dastardly expensive, while others can make you shrug when you look at the price tag. To be honest, when it comes to CBD, pricing is a complicated subject.

The cost is dependent on the quality of the product, the care from the manufacturers end in labeling and adhering to production standards, the source of the hemp, the extraction method used, the reputation of the brand, and the potency, etc. Most CBD products come in the price range of around $10 to $400 or more. Again there are different formula sizes and strengths that you need to consider. To increase the prices further, the demand for CBD is through the roof so naturally, the prices can be raised as well.

Quality Matters

The word ‘cheap’ and ‘CBD’ must not be in the same sentence. “Don’t buy cheap CBD products” – could be an exception. There isn’t any official manufacturing and labeling practice in many parts of the world that have legalized hemp-CBD products. This means that they are several namesake brands that fly under the radar, and prey on unsuspecting and uneducated consumers. So, the logic is whatever has good quality…generally demands higher prices. It’s just the way things are.

Why Is CBD Costly?

The process right from growing hemp plants to testing it in the laboratory – all require moolah. After all, it is a product that helps improve daily life by miles. Manufacturers need to take care of the source of the hemp extracts, employ proper extraction technology, and also hire skilled staff who are knowledgeable enough to operate the equipment; and lastly, investing in a 3rd party lab testing that ensures that the product that they are supplying to consumers is safe for consumption. If you see a company that is selling ‘high-quality CBD’ at a cheap price, then sirens need to be blaring in your head!

A Yardstick For CBD Pricing 

On average, CBD can cost anywhere from $0.04 to around $3 per milligram. You can use this metric to narrow down the products, making sure that you get a fair price on the CBD products that you are spending your hard-earned money on.

If you have money to splurge, then you can go for ultra-premium CBD which doesn’t stick to the range mentioned.