Factors To Consider CBD Dosage For Migraine

CBD For Headaches Relief
CBD For Headaches Relief
CBD Oil For Migraines
CBD Oil For Migraines

The pain-relieving qualities and other medical benefits make CBD for headaches effective in the treatment of migraines. When it comes to the dosage, there is no standard dosage because of the difference in the physiology of individuals and also due to the changing needs of the individual. But in usual cases, the dosage of full-spectrum CBD is between 15mg to 100mg per day. In order to find the optimal dosage, there are certain points that you should know.

The Endocannabinoid System

It has been found in researches that migraine sufferers have problems with their endocannabinoid system. This is because this system is responsible for the overall health of your body and is responsible for the immune system response. Besides, it has been found that the ECS of migraine sufferers only function at half its capacity.

Migraine Triggers

Almost all migraine triggers happen due to something called oxidative stress and it depletes the endocannabinoids. Since it is known that CBD enhances the endocannabinoid system, it can boost the levels by preventing oxidative stress. Therefore, CBD is useful in the treatment of migraine.

Endocannabinoid Levels

The endocannabinoid levels vary between different people and hence the CBD dosage varies between individuals. Because of this, you have to go for a trial and error method to find the ideal dosage of CBD.

Different Triggers

The things that trigger migraines are different for different individuals and it is important to find these triggers to use CBD as an effective treatment option. For example, for certain people anxiety triggers migraine and using CBD will be helpful to treat migraine. But, if an injury is a trigger then CBD can only give relief for the pain or suffering from the injury. Therefore, determining the ideal dosage depends on the trigger.

The Method Of Consumption

The dosage depends on the method of consumption and this is because of the difference in bioavailability. So, different methods have their own advantages and absorption rates. For example, inhaling CBD vapours have the quickest onset time and fastest relief. But, consuming edibles such as tablets or capsules give a long-lasting effect but the onset time is longer.

The Entourage Effect

CBD has more than 65 target points in the body and its effect varies across them. When you consume full spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD, the combined effects of cannabidiol along with that of terpenes gives a higher bioavailability. Therefore, to get maximum benefit for migraine it is important to take full-spectrum CBD products.

These are some of the factors that you must take into account when determining the dosage of CBD oil for migraines.