What Are The Fast Acting Intake Methods Of CBD?

CBD Administering Methods
CBD Administering Methods
CBD Administering Methods
CBD Administering Methods

CBD is a cannabis compound that has gained skyrocketing popularity for the wide ranging therapeutic benefits it offers. CBD is a common ingredient in a multitude of therapeutic and personal care products. In some cases, the compound will be extracted along with several beneficial compounds in cannabis plants while in other cases, all compounds except CBD are eliminated from the plant extract added to the respective CBD product. The choice depends on the spectrum option that the CBD product should belong to.

The versatility of CBD allows its addition to various product formulations that have varying administering methods. The time taken for CBD to take effect is not the same in all of these methods. What are the fast acting CBD intake methods? Let us find out.

CBD Administering Methods

Let us take a look at the intake methods of CBD.

Sublingual Intake

CBD oils and tinctures are usually consumed sublingually. The administering is quite simple. Measure the right doses of the sublingual cannabidiol product in a dropper and place it under your tongue. Do not swallow it until you have held it under your tongue for a minute. The sublingual glands in your mouth act as channels to the bloodstream through which cannabinoids in the CBD oil or tincture enter.

CBD oils have CBD extract of any of the three spectrum options, full spectrum, broad spectrum, or CBD isolate infused in a suitable carrier oil. Additional flavoring agents are not generally added into CBD oils as an increase in additional ingredients can dampen its potency. CBD tincture is different from CBD oils as it has an alcohol base. To mask the raw taste of hemp extract, manufacturers usually add flavoring agents and additional herbs in CBD tinctures. Its ingredient profile helps mask the earthy taste of hemp but reduces the tincture’s potency.


Vaping is known for the shorter length of time taken for CBD to kick in. CBD vape oil is the most commonly used vape product. It should not be mistaken to be the same as CBD oil because CBD oil is thicker than CBD vape oil, a feature that makes it unsuitable for vaping.

The intake method requires specialized equipment to heat the vape oil in order to generate vapors. Vape pens and vaporizers are commonly used vaping equipment. CBD vape oil is heated to the right temperature in the vaping equipment and the vapors produced are inhaled through the mouthpiece of the equipment.

As the CBD vapors are introduced into the user’s lungs, cannabidiol penetrates the permeable membrane of the lungs to reach the bloodstream.


Dabbing is similar to vaping but the temperatures involved in both processes have significant variations. To dab CBD, you have to place the dab product in dabbing equipment and heat it to temperatures high enough to vaporize the dab. The vapors generated are then inhaled through the mouthpiece of the dab equipment.

CBD concentrates like CBD shatter and CBD wax are commonly used in dabbing. A dab rig is the most common dabbing equipment.  The most important part of the dab rig is its nail, after heating which the dab is placed over it. It is the heat of the nail that vaporizes the dab.


To smoke CBD, you have to roll the hemp flower into a joint. Raw hemp flower has its CBD content present in its inactive acidic form, CBDA (cannabidiolic acid). The process of converting inactive forms of cannabinoids to their active forms is termed as decarboxylation and the process requires heat. As the hemp flower is combusted in the process of smoking, it undergoes decarboxylation on the go.


CBD edibles can be taken orally like you take every edible. In this case, the edible has to be digested prior to the absorption of CBD into the bloodstream. CBD brownies, gummies, and chocolate are some common CBD edibles.

What Are The Fast Acting Intake Methods Of CBD?

Taking CBD in the form of edibles is one of the slowest acting CBD intake methods because the CBD content in the edibles is released slowly into the bloodstream after its digestion. The bioavailability of the option is also quite low due to the fist pass effect of the liver that reduces the percentage of CBD absorbed.

Sublingual intake is faster than edibles. However, if you had to name some of the fastest-acting administering methods, vaping, dabbing, and smoking would be on the list. All of the methods involve the absorption of CBD into the blood through lung membranes, which is why they are faster than most CBD intake methods.

When you select a CBD intake method, consider factors like its discreetness, ease, and bioavailability in addition to the time taken for effects to ensure that the intake method suits your lifestyle.