What Are CBD Liposomes?

CBD Liposomes
CBD Liposomes
CBD Liposomes
CBD Liposomes

The literal meaning of liposome is “a body of fat”. Scientists have discovered before many years that the microscopic pockets of fatty tissue can act as excellent transporters of nutrients. In nutrient liposomes, nutrients are encapsulated into fat bubbles which are then delivered into different cells, tissues and organ systems in our body.

CBD liposomes that encapsulate CBD molecules facilitate better absorption of CBD.

Why Should You Consider Taking CBD Liposomes?

CBD is a hydrophobic compound that does not dissolve in water. Our gastrointestinal passage is generally watery and hence the oral bioavailability of CBD is quite low. A significant percentage of CBD is lost without being absorbed into the bloodstream when we take CBD orally.

On using liposomes as carriers, CBD reaches our bloodstream four times faster than when we use traditional carriers. In addition to the quicker onset time, the percentage of CBD absorbed also increases significantly on taking CBD liposomes.

CBD Liposomes Vs CBD Oil: Which One To Try?

For people who have never tried CBD before and are planning to start CBD use to treat medical conditions like insomnia, anxiety, pain and more, it is advisable to start with traditional CBD oil and analyze the therapeutic effects it offers. Most of the CBD users get the benefits they expect from traditional CBD oils and tinctures and there is absolutely no need to try something else.

If you feel like you are not getting the expected benefits even after increasing your dosage of traditional CBD products, you may try out liposomal CBD that will give you effects within a shorter time.

What Are The Factors That Affect The Bioavailability Of CBD?

Bioavailability refers to the percentage of CBD that is absorbed into our bloodstream when we take a cannabidiol product. Some of the crucial factors that influence CBD bioavailability are:


To attain higher absorption levels, you can try out increased dosages of CBD. However, once you reach a particular limit, the ceiling effect starts to set in, whereby increasing the dosages further does not improve the absorption rates.

Health Conditions

Our liver function has a significant impact on the absorption rates of CBD in our bodies. Some studies have suggested that CBD concentrations and absorption rates will be higher in people with impaired liver function.

Neurological disorders and other health conditions may also have an effect on CBD absorption rates.

When you take two CBD products with different bioavailability, the one with higher bioavailability will be required in dosages smaller than that of the other with lower bioavailability to have the same effects.