CBD Capsules And What Makes It Special

CBD Capsule
CBD Capsule
CBD Capsule
CBD Capsule

The rise in the usage of CBD has been sudden. This is true especially in the United States, as it was only recently that hemp CBD was made legal and people are in line to fully engross themselves in CBD therapy and CBD products. For some, the taste of CBD might be unpleasant and they end up finding unique ways to mask the flavor by mixing them with shakes and juices. Due to this demand of ‘masking’ the flavor, the CBD industry has come up with the tried and tested method of CBD capsules- you won’t feel the CBD flavor hit you.

CBD Forms

CBD comes in all forms, shapes and packaging. The CBD user is put in a place where he/she can choose from a barrage of choices. Be it vapes, edibles, oils, tinctures, ointment, creams, lotions…the choices are plentiful and never-ending.

The contents in the case of CBD capsules is a powder of the CBD isolate. The CBD content is extracted and separated, forming a crystalline structure. These crystals are then ground, to fine powder and then encapsulated. We will be having a look at why you should take CBD capsules and the possible reasons why you shouldn’t: the pros and the cons of CBD capsules.

The Pluses Of Using CBD Capsules

It Is Easy To Carry Around

The best thing about CBD capsules is the lack of accessories. You can travel light and store it in a cool spot in your carry bag. Unlike vape pens that have many accessories and CBD oil bottles that have a high chance of leaking its contents into your bag, you needn’t worry about any of these in case of CBD capsules; a simple, safe, clean, easy to use way for you to get your CBD dosage on the go.

Allows For Precise Dosing

You know exactly how much of CBD you are putting in your body. There is no human error and each capsule has an exact amount of CBD in it.

No Smell Or Taste

The main reason for capsules to be used is to deliver the content directly to your stomach and that too without you gagging over the flavor. CBD has a strong earthy flavor, that may not be suitable for everybody but if you fancy it then going for a CBD oil or tincture doesn’t harm. However, if you fall in the category of people who dislike the taste, then CBD capsules are the best ways to get CBD into your system without leaving a bitter after taste.

Slowly Breaks Down

Since the contents of the capsule are not immediately released into the system the minute it lands in your mouth, the CBD mixes with the rest of your stomach contents before being ultimately absorbed. What this means is that the capsules last longer and the effects are felt longer. This, however, could be seen as a con as well since it takes a longer time for the CBD to effectively make its way into your bloodstream and get to work.

The Minuses Of CBD Capsules

It Is Difficult To Increase The Dose In Increments

Unlike other modes of delivery such as oral tinctures, you cannot increase the dose in small amounts. Say you take 20mg at a time, and you wait for the effects to kick in. You then feel like the effects are not pronounced enough, or don’t happen fast enough. In this case, you will increase the dose by around 2-3 mg, to a point you are satisfied with. This is not in the case of CBD capsules. If you want to increase from 20mg capsule to a 22 mg dose, then you have no option and you can only increase it to 40mg.

The Action Is Not Targeted

Since CBD has become so versatile, there are many options for a targeted approach. If you have joint pain, you can mix CBD vapes and also rub in CBD ointments at the site. In the case of CBD capsules however, the effect is diluted across the body and the effects are not felt where you want to feel them. If you are looking for a holistic wellness boost then CBD capsules are your go-to.

The Isolates Lack The Rest Of The Cannabinoids

Since only CBD isolates are present in the CBD capsules, it leaves out a whole spectrum of other cannabinoids. You miss out on the boosted ‘entourage effect’ and the benefits that the rest of the cannabinoids bring to the table.

Acts Slower

As mentioned earlier, since metabolism occurs slowly and that too in the stomach, the effects only seep in slowly. If you are in pain and want quick relief, then you are better off trying another mode of CBD intake. It may take a good 1-2 hours for the stomach to begin absorbing the contents of the capsule. Methods like sublingual intake, on the other hand, take about 10-15 minutes to show effects.