All That You Should Know About Nanoemulsified CBD

Nanoemulsified CBD
Nanoemulsified CBD
Nanoemulsified CBD
Nanoemulsified CBD

CBD is a well-known compound that is a common ingredient of various therapeutic formulations and skincare products. In addition, it plays the role of a health supplement too. Although it is hard to find many people who haven’t even heard of CBD, not many are familiar with nano emulsified CBD.

In this session, we are going to discuss nanoemulsified CBD in detail.

Nanoemulsified CBD: What Is It?

CBD oil converted to nano-size droplets using ultrasound waves to facilitate the easy absorption of cannabidiol into the bloodstream is termed as nanoemulsified CBD oil. When compared to ordinary CBD oil, nanoemulsified CBD oil is faster acting and offers 6 times better absorption. As the bioavailability improves, the dosage of CBD oil required is lowered.

The influence of nanotechnology has been increasing in the pharmaceutical sector and the CBD industry too has begun adopting nanotechnology to introduce more advanced CBD products into the market, for which nanoemulsified CBD proves to be the best example.

The incredibly tiny size of the nanoemulsion droplets of CBD oil allows it to be absorbed into the bloodstream through the mucous membranes of the mouth and esophagus. In normal cases, sublingual cannabidiol products like CBD tinctures take between 30 minutes to about 2 hours to reach the bloodstream. Only a small percentage of the CBD in the tincture reaches the bloodstream when we consume normal CBD tincture. With nanoemulsified CBD, the effects can be experienced in less time and the percentage of cannabidiol that reaches the bloodstream is higher.

How To Make Nanoemulsified CBD Oil?

A nanoemulsion is prepared by blasting a mixture made of CBD oil, carrier liquid (water or alcohol), and an emulsifier with an ultrasonic processing machine leading to the formation of bubbles. The next step is acoustic cavitation, in which the bubbles grow briefly due to high pitched sound characteristic of the process and then implodes violently. After the bubbles implode, they are converted to tiny oil droplets that are visible through an electron microscope.

Increasing the amplitude of ultrasound helps achieve better cavitation, leading to the formation of even smaller oil particles. The smaller the oil particles are, the stable is the liquid and higher is the quality of the final product.

The quality of nanoemulsified CBD is influenced by the chemical nature of the emulsifiers and the quality of the processing equipment.

Which Is More Crucial In Deciding CBD Potency: Absorption Rate/Dosage?

The percentage of CBD that reaches your blood is more important than the milligram content of CBD in the bottle. The absorption of regular CBD is often slow and unpredictable. In contrast to this, nanoemulsified CBD oil has a higher absorption rate, and hence would be required in lower doses when compared to normal CBD oil.

What About The Solubility Of Nanoemulsified CBD In Water?

You might have heard some marketers claiming that their brand of nanoemulsified CBD is water-soluble. But the claims are too unrealistic to be true. It is right to mention nanoemulsified CBD ‘water-compatible’ than to mention it water-soluble.

In nanoemulsified CBD, the nano-sized droplets of oil bonds with the emulsifier and floats around in the solution, which appears clear to the naked eye.

How To Use Nanoemulsified CBD Oil?

Measure out the ideal dosage of nanoemulsified CBD oil and hold it in your mouth for at least 30 seconds before you swallow it. If you need, you may rub it over any part of your body like stomach, chest, forearms, etc. The CBD oil will reach the bloodstream through your soft tissues.

What Are The Advantages Of Nanoemulsified CBD Oil?

The advantages of nanoemulsified CBD oil include:

  • Long-lasting relief– The relief that nano-CBD oil offers are at its peak between the first 1 to 5 hours and it trails off completely after about 8 hours.
  • Higher potency– The potency of a CBD product decides the dosage that you should take. As nano-CBD oil is highly potent, even low dosages can produce strong effects.
  • Fast acting-Because of its submicroscopic size, nanoemulsified CBD particles can enter the bloodstream quickly. It does not take more than a few minutes for the effects to be felt.

Disadvantages Of Nanoemulsified CBD Oil

  • Nano-CBD oil is more expensive than normal CBD oil.
  • Because nanoemulsified CBD oil is relatively new to the CBD market, there aren’t many brands that sell it, thereby decreasing the product options.
  • You have to be more cautious about the dosage because of the high potency of nano-CBD. It should be always taken in lower doses than normal CBD oil.
  • Due to the high absorption rate of nano-CBD oils, the chances for pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxins getting absorbed is more in the case of nanoemulsified Hence it should belong to high purity grades.

Convinced about the added benefits of nanoemulsified CBD oil, many CBD brands have begun focusing on its production.