CBD As A Migraine Medicine

CBD For Migraine
CBD For Migraine
CBD For Migraine
CBD For Migraine

Do you experience severe unexplainable headaches? Although all headaches aren’t essentially migraines, it might be a migraine. Let me help you in ruling that out. Continue reading to know more about migraines and how it can be treated using CBD oil for migraines.

What Are Migraines?

Headaches that are recurring in nature are often referred to as migraines. You experience a throbbing pain while having a migraine. Together with severe headaches, you could feel weak and nauseous if you are having a migraine. Extreme sensitivity to sound and light are also experienced by a few of the people who suffer from this kind of headaches.

What Are Its Causes?

Migraines can be triggered by numerous factors that include; stress, women’s hormonal changes, loud noises, medicines, excessive sleep or lack of sleep, overexertion, caffeine or its withdrawal, overuse of migraine meds, anxiety, bright lights, strong smells, sudden climatic changes, tobacco and skipping meals, etc. In addition to these causes, many other foods could trigger migraines in some individuals. These foods are; alcohol, aged cheese, few fruits and nuts, yeast, chocolate, MSG, pickled foods, and processed meat, etc.

What Are The Phases Of A Migraine?

There are four phases for a migraine. However, every other time you experience a migraine; do not wait for it to have all the four stages.

Stage 1 – it is called prodome. It starts as early as 24 hours prior to you experiencing a migraine. Food cravings, mood swings, uncontrollable yawning, increased urination, and fluid retention are the early signs of this phase.

Stage 2 – it is called the aura. While you are in the aura stage, you will feel like you are seeing bright lights or zigzag lines. Muscle weakness is also one of the main symptoms of you experiencing an aura.

Stage 3 – in this stage, we call it a headache. Starting with a minor headache, it develops into a high-intensity headache which is often called a migraine. Nausea, vomiting, and pain, etc are among its prime symptoms.

Stage 4 – it is called postdrome. In this stage, people feel exhausted, confused, and even weak. Generally, this stage lasts for up to one full day.

How Can It Be Treated Using CBD?

Using CBD for migraines is an effective way to get relief from the condition as well as reducing the symptoms associated with a migraine. CBD works by improving the functioning of the ECS.